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Montagu's Harrier
Circus pygargus

Sachsen, 17-04-2016
© Jens Halbauer

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2016-05-04   1
Jens Halbauer

Foto: Wiesenweihe von Jens Halbauer
Diese Fotoserie mal bitte verschieben in Kategorie „Hybriden“ : Wiesen- x Steppeweihe.
Nachdem die Weihe lange diskutiert wurde, hat sich die Einschätzung „wahrscheinlicher Hybrid“ durchgesetzt. Ich werde dann noch das abschließende Statement von Dick Forsman posten.

BG Jens

2017-05-12   2
Jens Halbauer

Foto: Wiesenweihe von Jens Halbauer
Hier mal noch die Einschätzung von D.Forsman (hatte ich glatt vergessen):

"This is clearly a most interesting case and no wonder people may have different views regarding its identity. In my opinion it could be either a less normal Montagu's, or, as I believe, it could well be a hybrid between Montagu's and Pallid.
Many 2nd cy Montys in spring can have quite prominent facial markings, like a well-defined light collar, thus resembling a young Pallid more than autumn juveniles would do. However, this bird shows multiple other features of Pallid Harrier, and the mix of features from both species make me believe it could be a hybrid.

Below some features, which I think are of interest for the id. of this bird:
-distinct dark tips to inner underwing primaries are typical of juv Monty, but not Pallid
-many of the individual bars on the outer underwing primaries are similarly irregular in shape, like those found in many juv Pallid
-the extensive black through the eye is similar to Pallid, while the extensive white especially in front of the eye and on the forehead, as well as the small dark cheek-patch, are more similar to Monty
-long legs and toes speak for Pallid
-short wings in relation to tail-tip also speak for Pallid
-shape of head not typically rounded as in Pallid, perhaps more similar to Monty, or intermediate
-worn-off pale tips to upperwing coverts match the shape found in Pallid
-general silhouette appears rather short- and broad-winged, better matching Pallid than Monty.
-the new streaking on breast is more similar to Pallid than Monty
-the broad black tail-bands are more similar to Pallid than Monty "

BG Jens

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